Who said they are no High Ticket (Well Paid) Jobs in Nigeria or in World?

Is simply because you think that such jobs are meant for people with Degrees and Postgraduate Degrees or rather say people with ‘betterconnection’.


To get a good and comfortable Job in Nigeria or anywhere in the world without struggle and without having contacts, simply do this 👇.

Become an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER to their Business or Brand.


If I have a complete blueprint that will make Dangote’s business 10x it’s productivity in 2 years, Dangote will surely pay me whatever it takes to get me into his business. In fact, I will be sorted after, I won’t apply for the job.


This is you becoming an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER.


Imagine a company who desperately need a good copywriter for their business growth and you have an MSc in Computer Science, bro you aren’t qualified with school cert.

But let’s say you’re a computer guru, a badass copywriter with clean records and achievements to back it up and as well have written high-class sale copies that converts.


Companies will gladly pay you any amount to have you write their sales for them. Most times they will pay your agency to run their sales copy for them in years.


This is applicable for any kind of High Ticket Job out there. They need your mind of innovation, creativity, expertise to a certain level and your taste of excellence.

Do do you now understand?


Keep that school certificate one side and go for personal development. High-performance Companies don’t want degree holders, they want irresistible persons.


Let them see you and see the future growth of their company in you.

PS: They is Job everywhere (High Ticket Jobs), is simply because you have failed to develop yourself to match the offers available, that is why you’re carrying your file up and down looking for Jobs.

This is why a Microbiologist by academic qualification is a Team Lead at Google, of course, he is well paid.

Let me give you another illustration.


My coursemate landed his first job a few months after graduation in Lagos without any single connection. Well paid and still scaling massively. He was just too loaded and on his first application, the company couldn’t reject him.

Stop rumouring No job here and there. Sit up and do the needful.

PS: High-performance companies right now need individuals with Digital Skills more than those with just academic qualifications.

Keep building to become irresistible to any company YOU work into.


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