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The #1 Secret of Millionaire you should Know

Before I break this down for you, read this quote.
“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” – Robert G. Allen
One of the greatest lessons I learnt in 2019 was this Golden Rule that says – SAVE LESS, INVEST MORE.
Come closer let me tell you…
It is good to save money, it is important to save money. A savings account can fetch you a little percentage of interest, but that money will never multiply.
Let me tell you a story.
Mr A is a handsome and hardworking civil servant who earns 130,000 per month. He decides to buy a car for the family since the need has become inevitable.
The car he wants to buy worths NGN900,000
Mr A then decides to start saving money to buy this car. He decided to squeeze out NGN30,000 every month and save it up to buy a car. The family felt it though
Mr A has two options:
1. Save
2. Invest
If He saves NGN30,000 every month, guess how long it will take to save NGN900,000???
It will take him exactly, 2 years 6 months to save NGN900,000
But, if he invests the money.
Let’s say he invests NGN30,000 into eCommerce, he has a chance of generating NGN300,000 in revenue or more (proven fact) and after 3 months he must have NGN900,000 in his account smiling at Him.
Did you get it now?
This is what millionaires use to stay on top of the chart. They throw their money into investments here and there.
The first day I heard that JACK MA the Asian Billionaire has investments in Facebook Inc, I smiled.
The exact reason while Millionaires hardly drop from the chart even when their business(es) experiences downsize, is simply because they’ve made investments
Come close now let me tell you.
The only money you should save is – Emergency Money. Some has tagged it Life savings. Money for Uncertainties. ONLY!
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