Stop Working Hard in your Business -Here is the Key to Success


Wait, I know you don’t accept that!

Take a chair and seat, please. Let me show you an insight that will help you forever.

We have naturally accepted so many ideologies that we don’t even know who brought them to light.

Watch this:

You invest all your time and energy into work and your boss doesn’t even regard your work.

You wake up every morning by 4 am and you sleep by 12:00 am day to day and still they add only 2% increment to your salary.

You get as busy as you can, you have little time for your personal development, you don’t feed well, still, your result is no way close to your ‘Hard work’

So, society still accepts that you will attain success only when you have worked under the rain and sun, day and night.

Just follow me.

Hardworking means – Constantly, regularly or habitually engaged in earnest and energetic work – Merriam-webster.

But that, right there, is not a determinant to the reality of success. If you exert all your energy and resources in the wrong thing or in the wrong vineyard, then you will have no fruitful return.

Following the scriptural pattern, God has structured a vineyard for all. Your Zone is not another Man’s Zone.

If you spend all your years on earth working hard in another man’s zone, you will die without having your name written in the annals of men who walked through this earth and birthed a great result.

I found the truth!

The truth is Hard Work don’t get us the Money, Riches or even the Success, but “RIGHT WORK” does.

If I had kept on working hard as an Electrical Electronics Engineer after my Diploma in that field, I would have been behind the corridor.

I finally found my Zone in the Tech industry and the little efforts are yielding massive results. I had to switch to a Tech course while in College and that was the best decision (my zone).

Now come close let me say it again.

The RIGHT WORK brings the money, Riches and Excellence!

Find your zone and your little efforts alone will yield massive result. When you now add hard work, you will SOAR!

Find the RIGHT WORK (your zone), do it SMARTLY and you will smile without headache.

The picture is just an attraction.

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