In my previous post I explained 5 Steps to become an online Business Owner and now i will share with you Online Business Decision making questions that will be of great help to you.

To make proper decision as a prospective online business owner, you have to ask yourself these questions. These questions will give you a serious headway in actualizing your dream as an online business owner.

All you have to do is to pick up your pen and paper, write down this questions and give it a detailed answer. With this you can then have a better view of what you’re about going into.

Question 1: Is online business meant for me? ( Some are meant to be users and buyers in this digital market i must tell you. On the other hand, some are meant to be assistants, partners, sponsors and not owners)

Question 2: What kind of Online business should i venture into? (There are so many online business. So you have to decide the one you want to venture into. Your potentials, talents and hobby can also be a determining factor here)

Question 3: Will i be able to manage this business?

Question 4: What resources will i need for this business?

If you can give a clear answer to this questions then you’re on your way to step 2 of  5 Steps to become an online Business Owner

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