10 Tips To Make Six Figure From Digital Products Online

Wait! Digital products?

You have been selling digital products and you can even boast of 4 figure. Oh! sorry.

In this post, I am going to tell you exactly 10 tips to make six-figure from selling Digital Products.

In my previous post, I mentioned 21 digital products you can create and sell. That provided a lot of Top niches topics that you can create digital products on and sell.

Before you continue, it is important you have a good understanding of what kind of digital product you want to sell.

Once that is done, then the tips I am going to expose in this post will be of great value to you.

digial product

I have been in online business since 2013 and is really cool, but there is nothing as cool as selling a digital product and seeing the money flow.

Believe me, I know exactly how it feels.  I experienced that when I started, but I will show you the simple hacks to earn up to six-figure in selling digital figure.

Does it sound Impossible?
Oh yea! I know it might, but, here is the breakdown. Imagine Selling and Ebook for NGN 2,000 to 500 persons.
That’s a whooping NGN 1,000,000 you just made. Is as easy as that.

They are over 150 Million persons you can sell a product to and generate serious revenue. So you can Make Money Online through Digital Products.

10 Tips To Make Six Figure From Digital Products Online

  1. Choice of Topic or  Niche:

    No matter the target audience or prospective buyers, if your choice of Digital product niche or topic is not solving a problem for them, nobody will buy your product.

    Making a six-figure is not a myth is  realistic when you follow the rules

    Find the need of your audience, don’t design a product to solve a problem you don’t know you need it. Discover a problem first, then that should provide you with a topic or niche that will generate huge revenue.

  2. The type of Digital product

    There are severe types of Digital products which includes: audio materials, video files, Midi File, e-Books and text files. Your choice of any digital product has a great determinant in the revenue to be generated.

    It has been discovered that e-books sale faster and it is very easy to create, so many digital marketers use it a lot.

    Yes! you can implore that in creating your digital product.

  3. Specification of Product

    Your product should not be a generalized product. When you pick a niche where demand is high, let your digital product solve a particular problem.

    Instead of writing an e-book on How to make money online, write how to make money blogging, or how to make money through affiliate Marketing.

    Don’t make your product generalized. Be specific!

  4. Be an Authority on the Niche

  5. Creating a sales Page

    This is very important if you’re planning to generate six to seven figure from your product.

    I would have said a professional sales page, but be sure to have a sales page where your clients will land before purchasing your product. A sales page here will be a web page.

    This feature makes you look  serious with your product. Most times I call it packaging.

  6. Creating a Sales Copy

    A sales copy is a marketing right up that does the sales conversion. Unlike a visual marketing strategy where you are expected to talk about your products to clients them to buy it.

    The sales copy should be able to make uninterested buyers borrow to buy your products.

    At this stage, involving a copywriter like me or any other person to get the best sales copy for your products will be the best option.


  7. Collecting clients assets

    Here in selling your digital products, the clients assets is email address and phone number primarily, and then their name and address secondarily.

    The main purpose of collecting clients assets is to ensure proper follow up and making them prospective buyers of other of your digital products.

    This becomes your contact point to your client. And remember that you can effectively pull this data through a sales page.

  8. Advertise product on Social Media

    Once your digital product is ready, to pull in good traffic quickly to your product, you have to deploy Social Media advertisement.

    There are so many reason why social media Advertisement seems to super powerful if done professionally (done well).

    I personally recommend Facebook Advertisement

  9. Advertise products on Forums

    Another way to get buyers for your product is writing about it and advertising on big forum like Nairaland, Quora, Medium and others.

    The little itch here is when writing on platforms like Nairaland, you really have to stick to rules, else you will be banned.

    Sometimes, banned for life.

  10.  Get Recommendations

    Last but not the least, get recommendations. This serves as a trustee for clients who will need a prove that your product is worth it.

    You can get recommendations when people have seen you deliver. This could be either in a seminar or when people read through your articles.

    People can only trust you when they seen you do what you say you can do.

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