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IMH: The Money Mindset Reprogramming to Manifest Wealth


We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. – Buddha

At an early stage of my life, I always felt the money was something you have to work tirelessly and pay so much price to get at a very old age not until I read about young millionaires and Billionaires, then I discovered it wasn’t about the duration and time spent in the hard work but having the right mindset at an early age.


I grew up in a very remote part of Nigeria, which of cause is one of the 3rd world countries. I have not seen “NEPA light” for up to 6 years now. I have never had access to so many wonderful kinds of stuff that would have shaped my world view about wealth.


No industries, no start-ups, no Hub, or even firms. So, structure, I didn’t have the best exposure to understand how money works. But the remarkable change happened when my mindset changed.


I want you to pay close attention to the words I am speaking to you. These words have enough trigger power to open up a sealed path of thought for you. I want you to forget about who wrote this and focus on yourself.


What matters right now is YOU! Think about the kind of life you want for yourself. The kind of house you want to build for your family. How much you want to see in your bank account at 30, 40, 50, 60,70 years. What kind of office do you want to work in?




Take a moment to create the image in your mind right now…


That moment you stand before 1,000+ persons to give a talk in a Money Conference. Where you will be interviewed as one of the self-made millionaires in Nigeria.






Listen carefully now…


You hardly focus on that image in your mind now. Your focus has always been on having money. Having money is not the primary goal, but having the Good and Fulfilled Life is the goal. Let me show you something…


John Rampton said: Don’t let money run your life, let money help you run your life better.


Money is an important tool to create that Life you want. The life of freedom from begging and living a poor life. This is the mindset you should HAVE!


When you think of making money, you should think of building a system that will provide the cash flow required to live the LIFE of your dream. This Mindset saved me from a lot.


Here is the Danger…


If your mind is centred on making money, you will jump from one online or offline quick money-making scheme to another. When business A is paying overnight you jump to it and tomorrow you jump to another.


This is what I call business prostitution. My goal is to ensure I liberate you from such and channel you to a pathway where you will find your DREAM life while doing what you should be doing.


Mark Zuckerberg as of today worth USD82.9 Billion. So why is he still working and implement new features for growth in his business?  All the High achievers didn’t scale with the money in-their-account mentality.


They created a system the helped them build the LIFE of their dream and Money is the by-product of the process. FOCUS on the life you want to create. Let the Life be the trigger that will head start your venture in profitable business.


While I walk you through the series of the Internet Money Hack, I will want you to have the right mindset.


Want Money?


What LIFE do you want to LIVE! Create the imagery of that LIFE, do the proper documentation and your mind is ready to go!


TASK: Spend at least 15-30Minutes daily in Meditation and focusing on this LIFE you want to create for yourself. Create that imagery and keep it clear in your mind. Talk about that LIFE, see that LIFE in anything you do from today.


A typical example: I want to work in Tech company and work with a team of expert developers. Create that image and then focus on developing a system that will make you live that LIFE.

Only ACTION takers will see results, TAKE ACTION NOW!


See you in the Next Episode.

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  1. Chidimma Chinaka

    I create the image of the life that I want.
    Mindset programming is key.
    Thanks for sharing coach.


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