Its no more hidden that is one of the biggest and cheapest online stores used by mini importers. It is one of the numerous China websites but, spectacular due to products are cheap because it is not open to the world. It is only available and sells to people in China.

Let me guess, the question in your head now is: how are goods bought
and delivered in Nigeria from 1688? The answer is that some agents and companies specialize in buying on behalf of importers for a fee.

And they send to logistics company to send it to the importer’s address. (Joshua Mba explained every bit of how your product can be bought and sent to your doorstep in any country in his book using Nigeria as a case study, to get this book Click here).

This site was built mainly for those in China so it’s default language is Chinese. Relax! without wasting much of your time I will show you how to translate this Chinese site to your preferred language using your mobile and desktop both in image, text, and video so go get some coffee and relax because you will learn all this.


This process applies to all types of Smartphone but I will use android as a case study because that’s what most people use but it also works like that in your ios.


  1. A Smartphone
  2. A Google Chrome browser
  3. A steady fast network – Yes this is vital because it helps the translation speed and sometimes makes it automatic.

Step 1.

Open your Google Chrome Browser, type on your search bar and proceed with the next step.

Step 2.

Allow it to load successfully in china as shown below and proceed to the next step.

How to Translate
How to Translate

Step 3.

When it loads completely some phones will automated pop-up step 5 but for those that won’t follow this step. Click on the three dots at the right-hand side of your browser, see image below;

Click on the three dots on the right endof the chrome browser
How to translate

Step 4. 

When you click on those dots, click on the translate as shown in the picture below;

Click on Transalte as shown
How to translate

Step 5.

Some phones will bring you to this step after step 2 but for those that don’t please follow Step 3 and 4.

When you click the translate button two taps showing simplified Chinese and English will pop up at the downside of the site. It will automatically be in simplified Chinese but follow the next step. Below is how it will look like.

Translation tabs
How to translate


Step 6.

When the image above shows up, click on the English for the site to be translated into English. see pictures for illustration.

Click on English
How to translate


Step 7.

When the site has successfully translated click the X button as shown on the image below to exit the translation tabs and surf the site in full.

Exit Translation tab
How to translate


Following the above steps, you will successfully translate from Chinese to English. most times when we search the site goes back to Chinese just repeat the steps above to take it to English.

Some times the site will fail to translate, don’t panic ensure secure steady network and try again, it will.

HOW TO TRANSLATE 1688.COM ON PC (Laptop or Desktop)

I will use the chrome browser in showing you illustrations on how you can do this simply in some seconds. don’t panic if you can’t understand from the text and pictures the video from our YouTube channel will help teach you better as you will see how it was done step by step.


  1. Your PC
  2. A steady network
  3. A Google chrome Browser
  4. Google translate extension (For Direct Download Link to Chrome Store Click Here)

Steps on how to get Google Translate Extension installed on your browser with or without direct download link

Step 1.

Open your Chrome browser on your PC and click on the three dots at the top righthand side of your browser as shown in the image below;

chrome desktop
an arrow pointing at the three dots on the top right-hand side of the chrome browser

Step 2.

On the drop-down menu click options, see image below for a demonstration;

1688 desktop
showing how to click on options

Step 3.

Another submenu will slide out leftward, click on Extensions and when it opens search for “Google Translate”. see image below for the demonstration;

How to Start Mini-Importation Business For Beginner to Pro

chrome browser
Extensions tab

Step 4.

Haven searched and gotten “Google Translate” on the extension search, click on add to chrome as shown in the image below;

Click on add to chrome to get it added

Step 5.

When it is successfully added you will get a drop-down message saying “Google Translate has been added to Chrome”, see image below;

notification of successful addition of the google translate extension

Step 6.

Now you have successfully added this extension to your browser, click on the X to exit as shown in the image below;

Google Chrome
Click on the X button to exit installation success message

Note: You have successfully added Google Chrome Translate Extension on your desktop giving you the ability to turn all languages to your preferred language. Below I will show you how to do this with the popular wholesale site so relax and finish up.

2 Simple Steps to translate to English using Google Chrome Extension

Step 1.

On your browser home screen, click the search box and input as shown in the picture below;

google chrome home Url on the search bar of google chrome

Step 2.

When the site loads fully on Chinese you will see a pop up on the top right-hand side of your browsing saying “Translating”. The site translation speed is dependent on your system performance and network speed. See image below;

google chrome
translation in progress

Note: If yours did not stat the translation automatically, don’t panic we got you covered. Click on the extension icon beside the search bar at the top right-hand side. check image for clarity;

google chrome
Arrow pointing at the Google Chrome extension Icon

When you click the icon, click translate and the site will translate immediately based on your connection speed.

Congrats! you have successfully translated your site to English just as shown below;

1688 desktop view English version

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