How to start a Bulk SMS business without Money

Am about telling you how to start a Bulk SMS business in Nigeria

Bulk SMS business is one of the businesses in Nigeria that is managed by few, just like Recharge Card Printing business. Over the Years Bulk SMS business has grown with billions of messages sent per month.

Unlike other Businesses like recharge Card printing which is managed by few because the ones at the top want to have maximum benefit, Bulk SMS generate more profit as many more persons joins the business.

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For this particular Post, Am going to tell you how to start a Bulk SMS business with little or No capital. Bulk SMS business was one of the the very first online business that i started with just #1,000 and today it has grown to 6 figure income.

As a Bulk SMS business owner with years of experience in the business, am going to tell you how to start up one  without any capital. This is a hack to Bulk SMS business which you should act upon now!


How to start a Bulk SMS business without capital

To start a bulk SMS business without any capital is very possible and still you can start it with little capital as small as #1,000. I call this type of bulk SMS business owner Client Bulk SMS business Owner. 

In this type of ownership you will actually be a client and the other hand a boss of your self. All you will have to do is once clients come, you will have to use a Bulk SMS platform which is not yours to serve them. Back then i made couple of big box from it

Step 1

Register with a Bulk SMS platform like ANGELIC SMS or any other Bulk SMS platform out there.

Step 2

In this step, you will have to either get clients to pay you then you can then fill your account with SMS units and send your clients messages.

On the other hand you will have to buy SMS units as low as #1,000  as fill your account and enjoy your profits!

Step 3

Keep scouting for more Clients and double your earnings! Boom! you’re always counting your digits!

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