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How to start a blog without a Laptop

Many have asked me this question,

can i start a blog without a laptop? .

The simple answer is Yes!. The next question will be ‘HOW?’

Yes, you can start blogging without a laptop. I personally started blogging without a laptop too. Before you continue reading this post ensure you have a blog already.

If you don’t have a blog now then you can get yours within 24hours click here to see or you can still create a blog which is totally free. You can see how to set it up here

If you have done that, then we can continue. Blogging is quite interesting and very good if you are able to make your content anytime you want. As a pro now, I still blog sometimes without a laptop. If I can do it, then you can.

Having a Laptop is great, but when you can’t afford it, then it shouldn’t  hinder you from doing what you want to do. So if you have your blog, let’s get started.

start a blog without a laptopHow to blog without a Laptop

Get a Good SmartPhone

The only alternative to a laptop, if you want to blog is a smartphone. Java phones can still serve but the limitations are countless and it will give your efforts a very bad result. So ensure you have a good Smartphone with Android OS. I recommend smartphone of 5.5 inches and above

Have an internet access

It doesn’t end in having a smartphone, you need an internet access as well. As a blogger you should be doing a monthly subscription at least, from any of the network provider. I always advice my students to always make sure that they don’t run out of data.

Have a good browser

Most times our choice of mobile browser limits us from blogging the way we should. There are couple of browser that have issues when using it to view the admin dashboard of your blog. I recommend Google Chrome Browser. DOWNLOAD Google Chrome for free HERE

Start Blogging

Once you have accomplished the above steps, then you can then start blogging by logging into your admin section. Kindly open your browser. For WordPress blog, use this link “”, For blogger “”

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