How to secure your Facebook account against Hackers

See they won’t stop until they hack your Facebook account. They are called hackers.

In this post am about telling you how to secure your Facebook account from being hacked.

Hey folks, is no more new on social media. Everyday people complain of their Facebook account getting hacked and all that!

With this increase, Facebook have been building regularly, security patches to ensure that the level of users account hacking is minimized.

The surprising thing is that the length of your password can’t save you! 😂 am very serious though. Recently a popular Celebrity Facebook account was hacked, though his confirmed that his password is extremely complex

Now you will ask who are these hackers and what do they want?

Some these guys are people that don’t just like you, some derive Joy in seeing you frustrated, some will use it to dent your image, some will use it to extort money from your friends and from you.

In fact one of the believe of Hackers is that Information should be free and accessible to all.

So everybody should have access to everyone’s account…😂 very weird ideology.

Furthermore to this, there so many ways by ones Facebook account can be hacked, but I will mention the most trending.

1. Using your cache files on a browser you used in public cyber Café

2. Password gesture

3. Email hacking.

4. Providing a Fake Facebook login page

These are but a few way Facebook account are hacked.

Quickly how do you secure your account from this bad guys (Hackers).

1. Have a good password.
Don’t use your date of birth or year of birth or even your Credit Card pin!

😂 Don’t try it at all, else your account don’t need to be hacked, people will access it freely. Yes there will!

2. Don’t login on anybody’s phone or Laptop or office desktop without logging out and cleaning up the browsers cache files and history within the period you used it.

This is what many hackers use, if other methods fail. Always clear your browsing history and cache

3. Avoid using all these silly app to login to your account.

Most of this App or websites are developed by hackers who will in turn use those details to tamper with your account.

Site like: Get 1000 like and it’s likes.

I advice, stick to Facebook mobile App and Facebook official site.

4. Link your Facebook to a mobile number and an active Email.

Mind the email you use. I strictly recommend and

5. Use the security options provided for all facebook users on Facebook.

Now, for those that use the up-to-date Facebook mobile app, just take this little step.

Click on your menu button—>settings and privacy–>Account settings—>security and login.

Then follow the steps to increase the level of security of your account.

But feel free to ask me any question on the comment box

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