If you check the timeline of ANGELIC INFO, you will notice a “BLOG” tab, which if you click on it, you will see the latest posts of ANGELIC INFO been displayed.


If you normally promote your blog post, you can set up something similar for your Facebook page so you can use it as the landing page for your ad, thereby enabling you to get “Facebook Likes” + traffic to your blog posts.

Which make you spend less and benefit more

So, connecting your blog to your Facebook pages does the following:

  1. Increases the number of backlinks you get on your site
  2. Increase the traffic of your blog, which helps in SEO
  3. Increase the activity on your Facebook page, which makes your page more visible

Here is a sample of this in ANGELIC INFO Facebook page.

To achieve this follow this, follow this simple step below

  1. Visit https://www.symphonytools.com/ and sign up.
  2. After a successful registration, Login to your dashboard.
  3. Connect your Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. (you need to click the “Add Profiles & Blogs” button)
  4. After you have successfully connected your blog and Facebook, under the Facebook Iframe, click on add blog tab.
  5. After successfully adding the tab, kindly check your Facebook page and boom! it looks great.
  6. You can always adjust the position of the tab.

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