21 Hot Digital Products Topics to Create and Sell Online to Make Instant Cash

Digital product sales are one of the best strategies to make money online, especially when it is information

 I know of someone that sold exampast questionsfor over N18M in three years. He simply compiled exam past questions like JAMB Past Questions,WAEC Past Questions, NECO, GCE, Job Interviews, Scholarships past question and sell them online on his website.

NB: Digital Products are not just Exam questions and of course, Exam questions are no the only hot digital product out there!

From day to day, people search through different Search engines for various information to solve their daily needs  and that is exactly why you have to be part of this major and endless online business called: Information Marketing

Sometimes it might be difficult to know what other people are looking for. That’s why this article is very important for you.

In this article, I will tell you exactly 21 Hot digital products topics and how to create and sell these digital products.

21 Hot Digital Products Topics

  1. Project Topics and materials
  2. Cookbooks
  3. Job Finding Guides
  4. Business plans
  5. Prayer Points
  6. Business Ideas Compendium
  7. Internet business Guide
  8. Food Processing Guide
  9. Exportation Guide
  10. Business Setup Guide
  11. Career Guide
  12. fashion catalogue
  13. Song Lyrics
  14. Investment tips
  15. Love hacks
  16. Weight Management Tips
  17. Bulk SMS
  18. Visa Guide
  19. Business promotion Tips
  20. Security Tips
  21. Health and Sexual Tips


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How to Create Digital Products on the topics above

With the above mentioned Digital product topics, you now know what information people are looking for.

The next thing is to create a product on any of the topics you find interest on.

This is how to create a digital product like an ebook:

  1. Research on the topic:
    You can use the Search Engine to read related material on such topics. This will provide you with every detail about the topic.
  2. Write them down:
    After you must have gathered every information that exposes the topic to you, ensure to write them down in clearly stated points.
  3. Type the information using Microsoft Word or any Text software
  4. Format it very well with eBook cover and of course, add some spicy pictures
  5. Convert the Microsoft Word Document to a PDF file
Then Sell it!

If you want to create a video product, simply get in-front of a camera and discus what you have written down. After that, you can sell the video via download links or via storage device like a CD.

Don't miss out How to make a Video product

How to Sell your Digital Products Online 

At this stage now, you have your valuable digital product ready, the next thing is to sell them to people who need them.

There are many ways to sell your digital products online. But the most effective strategy is to create a blog for your products and using Facebook ads

Another good strategy is by creating a sales page for your product. This is where you will write the details about your products and it’s benefits.



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