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Why Google Chrome is the best Android and Windows Browser

Google chrome is the best Mobile and Windows Browser. Yes! Google Chrome is owned by Google and and has great features. From it’s security, interface and add-ons.

Google Chrome has taken the Internet by storm. We have recently seen the rise in Google Chrome Market Share, which shows us that Chrome is going to dominate the Browser market in the coming months.

Google Chrome has great features which has made it outstanding among other browsers. If you are not a user of Google Chrome then you really have to download it  and of course  make it your default browser.

In this post am going to tell you why you should download Google Chrome now! Google chrome has the following Unique features that I will share with you below:

Download Google Chrome  browser for mobile and Windows

Features of Google Chrome the best Android and Windows browser

1) Create Application Shortcuts For Favorite Websites.

This lets us open a specific website, without opening the main browser along with all the previous tabs and extensions. It’s also known as a Site Specific Browser – a single dedicated browser window for a website.

This feature is very helpful when you want to open or quickly check your mail or music website. So for any of your favorite website you can create a shortcut for it.

2.Check Memory Used By Different Browsers:

Another cool feature included in Google Chrome is the “about:memory” shortcut. If you put this in the address bar in Chrome, you’d see a page where Chrome shows how much memory each browser open is using. So when you computer slow down , this analytic Memory Check will show you with one is consuming the the memory

3.  Chrome “Pin Tab” Feature

If you are a power surfer, you would know how easy it is to open a 50 tabs within a span of few minutes and then keep looking for the right page among all these tabs.

You need to access some tabs more often than others. In this case you use the “Pin Tab” feature in Google Chrome.

4. Task Manager for Your Chrome Browser

The Task Manager get details about a specific process running in Google Chrome, or to force a misbehaving tab or application to close.

Not only can you see which website is consuming how much memory but you can also see the memory usage by the extensions you have installed as well as browser plugins like Adobe Flash.

5. Synchronize Bookmarks Across Browsers:

You can keep your bookmarks, browser preferences, and browser theme synchronized on multiple computers, using your Google Account(GMAIL).

This is a handy feature if you often switch between different computers (it could be, your home computer as well as your work laptop) and want the same Google Chrome settings across your computers.

Download Google Chrome  browser for mobile and Windows HERE

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