How to Make Money and build a 6 Figure brand getting Paid in dollars as a Freelancer in the International marketplace using Fiver


Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 // 8:00 PM West Africa Time

The Webinar

As at May 7th, the value of Naira to Dollars was NGN400 which of course is over NGN420 in the Black market!!!

Do you know what that means?

This means that your NGN10,000 in your bank account is no longer NGN10,000. This means that the buying power of the NGN10,000 has reduced. Sometime early this Year $1 was NGN360. Today, it is heading towards NGN500.

But for me, my money in Dollars just gained more buying power for me in Nigeria. This means, I am richer Now. 

There are two ways which I will mention that you could use to start earning in Dollars ($)

1. You could earn in dollars through trading in the international market ( By buying and selling stocks or even Crypto).

2. Working in the international market place.

The easiest and most Beneficial way to Work in the international market place is through freelancing.  There are platforms on like fiver.com, upwork.com e.t.c.

You just have to do some Jobs for people at the international level and get paid in Dollars.

Don't be scared, if it is your first time! 

I have decided to bring a Fiverr Expert to teach you how to go from scratch to a level where foreigners will be delighted to hire you and pay.

Even if you're already a freelancer, in this Webinar, you're going to learn how to get more gigs  and earn more Dollars in the shortest possible TIME!

Trust me, it is an opportunity of a LIFETIME.

Remember, thousands have lost their jobs and more will still do...

Brace yourself with a Job in the international market place and work from the Comfort of your HOME!

I don't want to make all the noise. Here is a real life earnings from Anothony' Fiverr account. Simply doing jobs without leaving the house.  He is not going to teach you want he has not done, he is going to show you the simple strategy he has used to make money over and over again.

Joshua Mba [HOST]


Specialist in Information Marketing, sales page and eCommerce.

Founder of BURA and AngelicTEQ IDEAS

Anothony Chinedum

Fiverr Expert, Video Content Creator

Fiverr Expert with 7 figures record from freelancing. A video content creator and Writer per excellence

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