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How to create Facebook Ads with WhatsApp button

Am about exposing how to create Facebook Ads with WhatsApp button, a big information that can grow your sales from Facebook ads:

Every advertisers that uses Facebook tools to sale their product always want to create advertisements that will engage so many potential buyers

Facebook made it easier for advertisers to increase the level of engagement of potentials buyers by including the Click-to-WhatsApp option.

However, unlike Messenger, the click-to-WhatsApp option is only available at launch to pages boosting organic posts, and not via Ads Manager or Facebook’s Marketing API.

Things to know about Using Click-to-WhatsApp option

When using this feature, there are couple of things to know. They include:

  1. This feature makes it possible for advertisers to get Facebook users to chat with them on WhatsApp without having to expose their phone numbers to the public.
  2. The ads that have the specific CTA will only be seen by people who actually have the WhatsApp app installed on their devices.
  3. Message received by the business, will contain the person’s custom message and an image of the Facebook ad so that the source of the message can be identified more easily.

create Facebook Ads with WhatsApp button.

How to create Facebook Ads with WhatsApp button

step 1

Create a post on your Facebook page. A normal post that you would want to use to advertise your product.

step 2

Click on Boost post button  on the boost your published post.

step 3

Ensure that in the Engagement reactions, comments and shares” is selected.

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Click the drop-down icon in the “Post button” section, select “Send Whatsapp Message” and enter your Whatsapp phone number.

step 4

A Confirmation code will be sent to the number on WhatsApp not text. So, check your WhatsApp for the code from Facebook and enter it as required.

If you carefully followed the steps above and successfully confirmed your WhatsApp, your WhatsApp will be automatically linked to your page. That’s a big boom! YOu should see something like this:

Now you can attract more leads for your products and covert every engagement to a sale!

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