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How to choose a GOOD Domain Name

Am going to tell you how to choose Domain Name, a GOOD domain name. Many think is a very simple thing, but is very crucial. Most times we make the wrong choices and by the time we realize it, it will be too late.

I have been in a position where I was to choose a domain name for many organizations and most time the website owners are even confused of the choice of name. That simply means to some is easy and to some is confusing.

Either ways, many still fall victim to choosing the Wrong domain name. Before I continue, let me tell you something about domain name. The domain name we choose do not affect the interaction of the web servers why because, server don’t interact with name but with numbers called IP address.

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But since, humans can’t easily remember all the IP address of all the website they would love to know, the domain name was introduced. So a domain name give an identity to a site and also makes it easier for humans to easy log onto a site.

Now let us quickly take a look on the steps to take in choosing a domain name.


1. Let your Domain name represent your Web content:

Imagine that my website is an educational website, then my domain name should represent it. Using ANGELIC INFO as an example, because it is an information website that was why Info was attached to it.  So your Web content should be defined to help decide the name.

2. Attach your brand to your Name

Yes! is always good to attach your brand to your name, that will distinguish your website from other similar ones and authenticate your site as your own. E.g ANGELIC

3. Ensure that the name is not long

Imagine this domain name No way! make sure your domain name is short and can be easily remembered by people

4. Check for similar Domain names

Many people skip this part, but it helps a lot. Take your time to search for names that look similar to yours and what their brand is like. At the end of your search, you may see a reason to adjust your name or stick to the name you have choosen

5. Stick to .com

Dot-com domains are also the most memorable. Many users, especially those who aren’t as tech-savvy, will automatically type “.com” on the end of every domain without thinking about it.

If your website is something like, and your users accidentally type in, they will end up on an error page on It’s smart to avoid that risk by sticking with .com.

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