How to Start MINI IMPORTATION Business for Beginners

Take a moment and answer this question. What business can you start with N50, 000?

Yes! If I dish out that money and hand it over to you now, what business will you start with it? Your brain is grinding now…

The truth is that ideas are not far fetched, it is locked within your mind, it might be in a Facebook post like this or a picture on Instagram.

What do you when you surf the net? Obviously, 90% will answer social networking –Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and minor ones.

The economy of the world is taking a shape that only permits businessmen, entrepreneurs to be at the top chart of rich men in the world.

So, you really have to brace yourself and swallow enough information that will get you serious ‘kesh’.

Importation business is one of the easiest internet business you can do at the comfort of your home using your smartphone or Laptop. Initially, we were told that the Importation business will cost a lot.

In fact, I remember when we were told that you need to have a container, have an international passport and pay a lot of ‘kesh’ to import a product. Hell No! that’s not through.

The difference now is that the specialist of importation business (e_Com) has over the time revealed the secret of doing it no matter your class.

My friend started with NGN2,000 and now he makes 5 figures comfortably in sales after he learnt what I will be showing you.

The first thing is to start, follow the Master’ instruction and guide, you will surely land in a category of high earners. So, buckle up and face it. One unique thing is that this business is easier when you have the information on how to do it.

I will gladly reveal a lot to you about Importation business that will drive you to become a top earner.

What is Importation Business

This is a process of conveying goods and products into a system, place, area or country from another system, place, area or country for business purposes.

Goods of different categories could be imported. Example, clothing, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, phone accessories, electronics, clothing accessories etc depending on how much you have to start with.

Why Importation Business

Importation Business doesn’t discourage Nigerian products, imported products can actually be used as a prototype for production purposes.

In other words, an innovation material, in case of reproduction. That’s a side note for you Ranger!

No matter how much we try, the western world is still better than us in terms of production of quality goods, so we can always use what they created to improve on ours most time, if not always. Let me not elaborate on that for long.

Let me show you WHY you should give serious consideration to Importation Business:

  1. 1. It is simple
  2. It is cheap
  3. It is convenient
  4. The existence of buyers’ protection policies
  5. It is for everyone with or without advanced business skills
  6. Goods/products are delivered at your convenience
  7. Responsive customer care service
  8. Buyer-seller relationship
  9. The existence of free shipping services
  10. Quality marketing pictures of products ordered.

This business is very simple because I will be showing you a simple way. Many still don’t know a simple way.


There are very many platforms for importation business, e-bay, Amazon, DHgate, Alibaba, AliExpress, etc, but for this beginner’s crash course, I am going to be talking exclusively on AliExpress/Alibaba.

If you can master this then the advanced level session will be super easier to handle. AliExpress is an outlet of Alibaba group owned by a Chinese billionaire, John Ma and have been operating since 2003/2004. UC browser is also a product of the Alibaba group. I will save you that long history for now.

The traders here are all manufacturers/producers of the goods hence the cheapness of the products here. But, trust me they have really good quality products of all sorts at a very cheap rate.


It is important here to note some very relevant things you must put in check before going into importation business, well it may not be necessary if you just want to import for personal use, which I would advise you to do as well.

Things are cheaper and have better quality there. Now, for the business purpose for starting an Important Business, to ensure success in it, you must answer the following:

1. What do you import?
2. How do you sell what you imported?
3. How do you import?

Hence you will need to:
1. Do a market survey.
2. Do a simple questionnaire, maybe using your friends or relatives as a subject.
Having done this, you can rest assured of an available market for your goods when it arrives.

What do you import?

From the result of your survey, you should know what to import which depends on the available market.

Secondly, the season you are in determines a lot. In my advances importation business course, I will show you a super-secret that will make you sell in all seasons.

Also, as a student, you can be interested in female accessories –necklaces, hand bands, watches, etc. female students have more money than the males and the males even have girlfriends to buy for.

The uniqueness of the products you import also is an advantage, therefore you should think of products that are unique.

The beautiful thing is that you buy at a very cheap price and you sell at a higher price for a good profit. One tool I used then as a newbie is my senses and social media.

Senses to know what would sell and social media to sell them. I have a lot of trust because of my integrity so, the people around me are always willing to buy, and depend on my words when I say it is good. Oh! please have a good personality.

You can import these three basic categories of products with as low as N5000:
1. Phone accessories
2. Clothing accessories (unisex)
3. Gadgets


If you did a good survey, you will have a market already available even before you import.

When I started mine, I was sensitive to notice things that would be of need to the people around me.

Ask them, if I bring this would you like to buy, get a good picture of whatever thing I wanted to sell, so it was catchy.

You can as well, think about supplying retailers now you should know you are going into a large scale importation business by doing that. I would advise you to be a retailer first because you will have more gain.

Social media –Whatsapp, Facebook most especially can aid massive sells.

I have not been active since late last night to attend to you’ll. I had an issue to resolve. So, before I continue with today’s lecture, I will need an assistant, who will help me manage this group.

So, when I am not fully active, the person can relate with other rangers.

If you want to, I will be making a special post for that later on, so you can apply. Our community is growing, don’t stop adding your friends.

Let’s get going…


Social media marketing is something that will take me long to teach you, in fact, is a course of its own.

But I will use just a few paragraphs to make as simple as possible so that you’ll understand it.

In the advanced class, I will use video illustration to show you step by step on how to create a powerful and with little kesh.

Let’s dive in……

There are two ways to go into social media marketing, the expensive way and the cheap way.

Expensive way – create a page for your business. It is free for now. But, where you would have to start paying is promoting the page which is very necessary.

You will pay to promote your page and promote your posts. If you can export to other areas then, you can make the audience wider, if not make it available to only people in your state, at least you can just easily deliver to them.

Also, make sure to be smart in your pricing, I will elaborate that in the advanced class.

Cheap way – using your own Facebook account. Before you being sales, you should have a Facebook presence for yourself.

Girls may be an advantage here than boys anyway. Ask yourself, how many reactions you get to your previous posts –likes, comments and shares and most importantly how many friends you have.

You can use the tag button as well. You don’t need to promote the post here, you can as well share to groups of members in your state or area. Otherwise, when someone from a far distance declares an interest and you can’t supply that is bad business.

You can as well create a group for your market add people around you and ask them to help add their friends.
You can use Instagram and Twitter. The hashtag marketing, pull more weight. I will elaborate this later on in the advanced class.

For students, you are at a high chance of making it based on market strategy, your hostel and campus is already enough. Share it in your school groups on Facebook and Whatsapp and to them, you can deliver it to them wherever they are.

If you want to go into advance e-commerce business you can learn about it in my Advanced Importation Course.


1. Authentic savings/current/domiciliary account. Issued a VISA or MASTERCARD ATM card –zenith or GTB.
2. Home/office address: Home/office Address, postal code.
3. Phone number and email address
4. Laptop/smartphone with packet data service.
5. Capital (credited in your account).


Procedure for importation:

Sometimes, it is necessary to contact a seller before paying for the product to know how fast the product will be shipped after payment.

Depending on what you bought (quantity and price) you can ask the seller to ship via DHL/FedEx for free. Most sellers on AliExpress are responsive because they need your accreditation.

1. Download and install AliExpress on your smartphone. If you are using a laptop, you can visit

2. Create your account to become a member. The more you buy from them, the higher you are ranked and the more discounts/coupons that is entitled to you.

3. Add your card details. Card number, expiry date and the 3-digit number at the back of the card.

4. Enter the shipping address which is your home/office address, add the postal code of your address.

5. Now, you are ready to start shopping.

Shopping on AliExpress

1. You can use the search bar to search up the item and also make sure to have ticked your desired category of interesting items in “Just for you”.

2. Click the item of choice.

3. Tap on the picture, and scroll to the left to see more images of the product. Be sure to save the product (by clicking the save icon on the picture) if you like it, so you can upload it on your social network or show an interested buyer even before the goods arrive.

4. You can contact the seller at the bottom of that page, also check the rating on the product before buying and the number people that have bought the item and the feedback from other buyers on the item.

5. You can also view the information/specifications of the product, scroll down to where it is written “item description” then click “View all”

6. Then, click “buy now” to make your specifications or “add to cart” if you are not done shopping.

7. You can click the “shopping cart icon” on the top right to pay for the items on your cart.

Paying for the product:

1. When you click on “buy now”, you will see another tab where you select the desired specification –color, quantity, shipping rate, size etc.

2. Click Buy. Then the payment procedure tab comes up. Once you have initially keyed in your card details, you don’t need any other editing, just click proceed/pay button.

3. You will see a confirmation that your payment has been processed.

4. You can now go to your account, where you will see “Payment awaiting confirmation”, your ordered product will be listed there until the seller confirms your payment. It will then move to “orders awaiting shipment” after the products have been shipped by the seller, your order(s) will be listed under “Goods awaiting confirmation”.

5. Then, you wait for a maximum of 2 months, all the product delivery is expected to last for 15-60 days but the threshold is usually 30days. If you do not receive it before the time elapses you will get a refund in less than 7 working days otherwise create a dispute.

Delivery of product(s) ordered:
Usually, products are delivered to the post office except you use DHL or any other delivery service which you would be required to pay a high amount.

The usual thing the delivery agency does is to put a phone call through to you to come to receive your package.

The supposed way to deliver is actually to deliver it to your doorstep any way depending on the state you are, your post office may be rendering that service otherwise they will call you to their station closest to you.

You may be required to present a mode of identification –valid ID card, so be sure to go with it.

Cases of issue:

AliExpress has highly responsive customer service, you can either check the questions already answered or click on “live chat”. Here is how?
1. Click the left tab menu.
2. Scroll to the bottom. Click “customer service”. Scroll to the bottom again and click “Live chat”. Your issue will be resolved as you interact with the customer service personnel.


Terminologies on Mini-Importation

Flash sales: a period of time per hour in a day when there is a massive discount on the price of a product. Usually, products are rotated per hour and allocated a discount.

Coupon: a warrant for a discount on a particular product in a particular store.

Wishlist: a list of your “buy-later” items.

Shopping cart: items you want to buy, but yet to pay for them.

Frozen orders: when a seller refuses to ship an item after the stipulated period of time, the item is frozen and the customer is refunded while the seller is ban.

Frozen order contains the list of such item. It leaves the box when the customer has been refunded, it appears under the completed order item.

Feedback: to get bonuses you must develop the habit of confirming receipt of your order and also leaving feedback. It is the customer satisfactory note for the seller.

Open Dispute: here, you query a seller’s competence. You can file for a refund, maybe because you didn’t like the product or you did not receive the product or because you received a wrong specification.

How to contact a seller

1. Open/click the product of choice
2. Scroll to the bottom, click “Contact the store”
3. A message box will pop up, write your message and wait for a response.

How to wishlist an item:

1. Open the product.
2. Click on the (Love) button. You have successfully wish-listed the item.

Now how about me showing you how I buy as damn cheap as possible and import within 2-3days and sell-off within one week.

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