"Now You" can Start Importing Laptops, Smartphones and iPhones at a Very Cheap Rate with ease and make 100% Profit 

The Only Complete Book  and Coaching Program  that reveals How to buy Gadgets from United States at a very cheap price and resell at 100% profit.

You cannot get this information on Google Search, it's a secret.

Why You should start this Business

Ever since my 1st year in school, I have always wanted to make money online.

School expenses was always on the rise and the monthly allowances I received from my family couldn’t meet up with the ever rising expenses.

I decided to make money for myself and I discovered the Internet was a goldmine. So, I decided to give it a shot.

I have ventured into different online businesses but the only thing I ever got was frustration.

Making money online seemed like an impossible mission. I even lost the little money I had and I was left flat broke.

Almost on the verge of giving up, I stumbled on mini importation.

I have successefully imported since then and also made so much sales but I needed a better source of income. Do not get me wrong, Mini Importation can make you millions but that's if you find the hot selling products which is hard to find as a beginner.

In this business, you dont need to go searching for hot products, all you need is the right information on how to get things done and you will be kickstarted.

This Business is what I call GADGET IMPORTATION

This Business is Everlasting, do you know why?

Technological Advancement is on a crazy speed, and so is the desire to own a good or even the latest gadgets. So this niche is a forever blooming one and not stopping any time.

In this Course, I will show you where to get the latest high demanded gadget at a very cheap price.

Yes! when I mean cheap price, You can get Iphone X for as low as $100 and get Macbook Pro for as low as $120.

Lets do some Calculation:

As at the time of this calculation a Dollar was at 388 Naira per dollar.

iPhone X = $100 (38,800 Naira)

Shipment = $70 (27,160 Naira)

Total Estimate = $200(77,600 Naira)

With $200(77,600 Naira) as an estimate, you will buy a clean Iphone X and get it delivered to Nigeria.

Check out the cost of Iphone X, you will see that people will rush you even if you decide to resell at 150,000 Naira above.

Bothered about your start up capital? "You don't have to worry about that at all", I will show you how you can start this business with or without capital.


This a clean iPhone 11 Pro that the owner wants to sell at $240.

Lets do some calculations;

As at the time of this calculation a Dollar was at 388 Naira per dollar.

Product Cost = $240 (93,120 Naira)

Shipment = $70 (27,160 Naira)

Total = $310 (120,280 Naira)

So with just 120,280 Naira you can buy a clean iPhone 11 Pro that is almost equivalent to a new one.

You can sell this phone 300,000 Naira and people will rush you not knowing how much you bought.

Look at this deal, wow!

Lets do some calculations;

As at the time of this calculation a Dollar was at 388 Naira per dollar.

Product Cost = $100 (38,800 Naira)

Shipment = $70 (27,160 Naira)

Total = $170 (65,960 Naira)

So with just 65,960 Naira, you can buy a clean Macbook 2016 that is still in good state and condition.

You can sell this Macbook 350,000 Naira and people will rush you not knowing how much you bought.

Let's Stop here

There are so many deals you would get if you stick to my secret tips listed in this course.

This is an untapped business oppurtunity so many wish to tap into but haven't seen the chance. 

These products are original and they can arrive Nigeria within a short space of two weeks or less.

I have completed the steps to the success of this business in an ebook so that you can always reference it without additional cost.

The information I'm about to reveal to you in this Course, it's something you can not get on Google search right now.

Special Offer! Enroll Now and get a 75% Discount!



Here’s what you’ll get when you Sign Up

A step by step guide you need to import your first batch of Gadgets from United State.

Plus a step by step guide of marketing strategies to sell them off.

Detailed Guidelines

I explained every steps required in doing this business in an understandable English alongside pictorial illustrations for a better understanding.

Marketing Strategy

One problem businesses do have is selling and gaining access to the right audience who needs there products, I outlisted tested strategies you will use to sell off your gadgets very fast.

Insider Secret

You will have access to my insider secret on how to start this business with little or no capital. All you need is my lead, that's all.

24/7 Support

You will get direct access to me any time and ask your questions. I will hold you by hand until you start importing. Automatically you're my business partner.


Prince Chijioke

Mini Importer, Affiliate Marketer, Serial Entrepreneur

My name is Prince Chijoke, a tech enthusiast and Serial Entrepreneur who models Multi Millionaires in the industry.

I have imported for years and worked under so many renowed Agencies ranging from BURA, Angelicteqideas, etc.

I have successfully taught so many students online on different business ideas they could start up and I make sure everyone gets the required knowledge.

Will you like if I take you by hand and teach you how to import Gadgets? Hit the "Claim Offer button Now".

Special Offer! Enroll Now and get a 75% Discount!


One major problems people have with getting Online courses is that the curators seem to abandon them with the course but its not going to be like that with this one. 

This bonus is only open just for the first action takers.

Business Coaching

I will be open to take all your questions and make sure you're able to do all I taught you in the book.

My coaching program is worth $100 per month but you will get it free on sign up.

Special Offer! Enroll Now and get a 75% Discount!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

I understand you must have come across so many courses out there and enrolled without getting value paid for. For the next 30 days, if you follow my guide and strategy strictly without importing your first Gadgets then I will pay you back and leave the course with you and apologize for time spent.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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