7 Ways to Make Money From your Home – Be your Own Boss!

Have you been sacked or you got no work at all? Let me show you How to make Money from your Home.

Worry less for you are at the right place where I will open your eye to what you’re going to do. Financial security is essential because that’s where you fallback when you go broke, did you know that with proper coaching you can make money online with your mobile phone. yes! you can!

I know you might have a well-paying job, you’re making money! I know you’re eating well. But your working for someone!

Well, that’s not bad at all. But, you can’t pay all bills with the money in your account. That could be very disheartening. Rejoice I am about showing something Big and Simple!

Let me show something that has happened to many and might happen to you someday on arrival at your working place.

You: Good morning sir/ma

Your Boss: Morning (your name), I will like to see you briefly

You: okay sir, right away

(On getting to his/her office he/she offers you a sit)

YourBoss: so (your name), from the meeting we had with the CEO of this company, we will be reducing the human workforce so we can get some machinery for more accuracy of the company produces.

You: okay sir, so how do we do it?

YourBoss: it was concluded that you will be among those that will be exiting the company, I apologize for the inconvenience and emotionally attacks.

You: but sir I have been good and working so hard for this Enterprise, I haven’t compromised. Why me? Am too good for this (lacks words)

YourBoss: we know you’re too good and that’s why you will kindly accept this without hesitation.



Don’t Wait to Experience this!

If you take action now on what I am about showing you, you will fall back on what is giving you money at the comfort of your home.

Build financial security for yourself that you can always fall back on.

7 Businesses to Make Money From your Home

  1. Mini Importation Business
  2. Start a Blog or a Vlog
  3. Sell On E-Commerce Websites
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Online Surveys
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Cryptocurrency

Learn more about this Business here. But I will elaborate more on mini-importation business as there is an ongoing campaign on the course going on by Business Rangers Academy. Download the E-book titled The Ultimate Key to Importation business to Learn more on what I am telling you

What is Mini Importation business?

Importation means, bringing goods from other countries into your own country of residence. It could be cars, clothes, household items, and many others. Therefore, Mini Importation Business is bringing in goods from other countries in smaller quantities or units, so it can be sold for profits and gains. Mini importation requires a relatively small/cheap capital when compared to the expected high required amount for standard importation.

To learn more about how to transport these goods successfully to your residence hit this link to learn from The Master Ranger of E-commerce himself.

In his book you will learn the below;

  • All you need to know about mini importation
  • Market Place- Where to Buy from
  • Product Search (How to source for Products)
  • Purchase Product / Importation.
  • Gain access to his Mini-Importation Video Courses
  • Free Mentoring
  • and lots more

You can also learn how to save your money as explained earlier in a previous article.

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