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Must read: 5 Steps to become an online Business Owner

Someone asked me this question: What do I have to do to become an online business owner?
That question made me to put up this post for you all and I know it will guide you aright in your pursuit.

Let me remind you that the first thing you need is not money or someone to employ you. In this post am going to make it as easy as possible. This will of course get you started.

If you’re able to follow this 5 steps then you’re on a right path to achieving your dream. This five quick steps will give you a proper foundation on what you’re about going into.

There are practically five basic steps you have to follow, so fasten your seat belt and let’s get going.

Step 1: Make a decision

To become an online business owner, no matter the brand, it all starts with a decision. You need to make a categorical decision on what you are about doing.

Here are some questions that will help you in your decision on the link belowRead:  Decision making Questions for your business

Ask yourself those questions, give a detailed answer to all of them, that will of course give you a bigger and better view of what you are about doing.

Your decisions should not be affected by what your friends are doing or by what you see others do. Your decision should be crafted from your abilities and dreams.

Remember the decision you make here will determine so many things in your online business venture.

Step 2: Consistency

I found out that many persons who wants to own an online business don’t stick to one thing. You see them today running a particular business, tomorrow they are into another one.

Read: Why a lot of people don’t stick to one business online

This inconsistency happens because of so many reasons. I mentioned the reasons on the link above.

If you want to excel in an online business, after making your decision you have to stick to it. No online business grows into a multi millionaire business over night. You have to steadily and consistently grow your business.

Remember being consistent doesn’t mean that you can’t diversify your business niche or scope, but that must be done with proper guidance.

Step 3: Learn to Invest (Money and Time)

The greatest thing to invest is time. Yes time. The day you decide to invest quality time in anything at all, you will see it grow speedily.

Sometime ago someone met me and said he has been on a particular stage for a long while in his business. He asked, “why?”. I simply asked him “how many hours do you spend on things that concern your business?”, he said, “only when I need money”.

Online business shouldn’t be something you do once in while or when you need money. You invest your time in the business and in return see a speedy growth.

Also, not only spending time on the business, spend time to learn more about your business from people who are ahead of you in the same business scope.

Money investment is necessary also. Most times some tutorials and online courses that will increase your knowledge about your business will not always be free. We have paid courses and definitely you have to pay to learn them.

There are other money investment you can do like:

  1. Buying Materials and gadgets for your business
    2. Buying premium hosting platform and custom web design
    3. Paying for ads and its likes
    You may not necessarily need this as a beginner, it all depends on your financial  status, which won’t be a big limitation.

Step 4: Get a coach or guidance.

Many people who have passed the first three steps of this foundational guide most times get stocked here.

In everything you do, believe me, you need a coach, you need guidance , you need one who will help align and direct you properly in your business.
Make sure you choose the right coach.

5: you must have access to internet

Internet is a major priority here. It should have been the first in the list, but it’s not as you can see.. 😂

But internet is something very important in this list. You must have access to internet else you can’t manage your business.

Someone asked me, “can I effectively carry out my online business with just a smartphone?” To his Surprise, I said yes.
From experience, Yes! , but once in a while you will have to visit the Cyber café .

But with smartphone you can manage your online business and If you add a laptop….. That’s the best.

With this basic steps you can get started with your dream online business. Feel free to share to your friends on Facebook and other social media.

Ask me your questions on the comment box below.

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