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200 Millions Nigeria and Foreign Email List Arranged for you

If you’re running a Lead generation Ads, STOP the Ads now and listen attentively.

I have done leads generation and the generic formula is always, give a good offer then collect their leads.

Some spend $2 per lead, some spend $0.xx per lead. Of course, some spend more. It all depends on your expertise with funnels and Ads.

Most times we end up collecting leads of people who are difficult to convert… That’s the truth.

So after spending $100 on lead generation, how many leads did you generate???

This is before we start talking about email marketing and how much you generated from the leads.

I watched a webinar of a specialist in Facebook ads and throughout his lifetime in the internet business industry he has generated 27,000 email list (That’s massive).

Surely, that is much and of course, he can only sell different of his offers and products to the same audience of 27,000+ leads.

But what if you have over 200,000,000 leads arranged in categories for you.

Your work is to pick a category that best matches your product and send in those cold emails and BOOM! turn them in recurring customers.

You will never worry about generating leads or spending your dollars on leads ads throughout your lifetime.

Pick the email category you want then FIRE your email marketing.

Let me break it down further…

With $5 you can REACH 1,000 person with Facebook ads.

Let’s say 5% converts in leads. that’s 50 leads. This is CLOSE to impossible. But let’s accept it’s a possibility.

If that fact holds, then you will have to spend $20,000,000 to get these 200,000,000 Million leads.

I repeat! 20 million Dollars!

That’s amazingly not achievable! Yes… If you have 200 Million dollars you won’t be reading this post.

$20,000,000 = NGN7,340,000,000

oooooooooooooooh GOD!

So, I want you to have access to it and save yourself the stress of compiling and generating new leads.

Is a complete done for you – email list

In the next 48 hours, I will be giving it out for 80% discount.

Interested? contact +2347088432903 (Call)

After 48 hours, I will remove the discount and after 120 hours, I won’t give it out again!

Share and someone will be saved from spending on leads generation again.

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