In my previous post on this series, I showed you the first investment you have to make for yourself, you can check it on my timeline.


Let me now show you the second investment to make. This investment is not based on a particular structure but is capture withing context of Business.


Therefore, the second investment is BUSINESS.


Before you ask, I am sure you want to know the particular business to invest in.


Let’s get started.


Have you checked the number of public investments that Daddy Dangote has? Have you checked the powerful Ecommerce Lord – Jack ma’ investments?


Here is exactly what they do.


These men find businesses that are already working in a niche that is outside theirs and throw their money there.


They sometimes buy shares, or just send in their money and after a year or more they get their cash with a percentage profit.


For example, @walejana on Instagram, the Chairman of the Sapphire group (A Nigerian Based Multi-million Dollar Business) gives investors the opportunity to an investor the room to invest from 500k and above.


At the end of a particular time frame, you’re paid back with a good percentage profit.


In 2018, I and a friend wanted to help so many busy persons who wanted to make extra money, but because of their busy schedule, they couldn’t.


So, we gathered a good number of them, over 30 persons and we split them into 3 groups. Each of them brought in the amount they wanted to invest in eCommerce.


So, we took all of the money, bought a product for them, ran the ads and place everything on autopilot.


At the end of sales, we shared the profit among them based on the money they invested, meanwhile, I was paid for it.


This formula could be applied in so many ways and the end game is to double or triple the figure within a time frame by buying and selling, this time leaving you out of the work.


So, in about 2 months, they had close to 100% of what they invest.


Let me give you another instance that explains this concept from a new perspective.


A civil servant planned setting up a financial back-up for her family. So, she wanted to start a business but, she is super busy.


So, she invited me to draw a model that will work for her based-on location, capital, and resources available to her and leave her out of the stress.


So, I developed a business system for her, she applied it and the business started running.


So get this. Her investment was in a business but this time in a personal business outside her ‘’niche’’.


So even if she resigns from her work, a system is paying her.


Do you understand now?


This is the same way Jack Ma (Founder of Alibaba group) has investments on Facebook (A business outside his niche).




Let me list some investments you can make now from your phone NOW!.

  1. CryptoCurrency
  2. Forex Trading – Index


My next post will be a video on 5 Top businesses for 2020 (businesses that are evergreen for 2020 and the coming years). To ensure you don’t miss it, join my telegram channel, Like and follow my page, then subscribe to my youTube channel.


The link will be in the comment section.


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Keep doing wonders!



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Joshua Mba

E-commerce Expert | Full Stack Developer | Business Coach| proBlogger | Mind Hacker | SILENT Analyst

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